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article: Waterfalls


Waterfalls are a genuine part of a natural water setting, the stream, and creek and often in water ponds that are created naturally. Including the formation of a waterfall of some type in your water garden is a feature that you are going to truly enjoy. The soil that you remove from where you are going to build your water garden can be used to build up a back or side of the water garden to create a waterfall. Many types of water garden pond liners that are premade, fabricated will include some type of lip on the pond liner that you can use to allow water to flow into the pond.

To create a waterfall you need to have a source of water, this could be a hose taken from the pond, up through the soil and then pumped back into the pond if you like. This source of water could be another pool of water, or it could be a natural stream or spring that leads into your water garden.

One of the accessories that you have to have to create a waterfall using the water from any other source is going to be a pump. When you are going to purchase a pump, you will find that there are a few differences in the types of pumps. The differences in pumps are going to be based on how much water is going to go through the system per minute or per hour, which is the flow rate.

Most any pump that you are looking to purchase will include information about how high the water is going to pump up as well. Some pumps will push the water up just a few inches while others will push the water a few feet into the air. Reading the information about the pump you can determine which type is best going to fit your specific needs for creating a waterfall.

One way that you can implement the waterfall with your water garden is by using a pump that will take small amounts of water from the pond or water garden and create the waterfall, leading to the creation of a bog. The bog garden area is where the moisture will be kept high, and you can grow all types of bog plants that will flower, that will grow continuously in the moist area.

For any type of waterfall, the run off course should be at least a foot wide and a foot deep when you are not putting the water back into the pond or water garden. The course of the waterfall should look as natural or as formal as you like to control the waterfall flow.

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