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article: Using Planters For Water Gardens

Using Planters For Water Gardens

Any container that can hold a potted plant can be used to make a water plant. Good plants for this would be water lilies or lotus or any plant that requires a bit of wet soil or a couple of inches of water over the crown of the plant. You could also use window boxes for water planting too. Long window boxes could frame a patio or garden area with the delight of aquatics.

A long window box gives the option of growing both large and small plants.
To make an aquatic window planter you will need a window box of your choice, stones, cat litter, gravel and aquatic plants.

For example, first remove the water lily from its pot and set it, soil intact, in the container. Throw some cat litter around the lilies root. Use the stones to set a retaining wall for marginal aquatics. Remove the marginal aquatics from their pots and put them into the area you have just created for them.

Add some cat litter around these plants to bring the soil level to the crown of the plants. Next you want to add some gravel, topping over the marginal plants’ and lily’s soils. The gravel layer will keep the soil from mudding the water and make a natural appearance.

Add the water carefully so that it doe not disturb the plants. Arrange the plant leaves the way that you want them and there you have a perfect water window box.

You can also use ceramic or plastic pots for this too. Just make sure that there are no cracks in the pot, if so seal them first. Using the same steps for the window box, you could plant water hyacinth in the pots and create a whole new look. These would look lovely on your front porch or lining a sidewalk.

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