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article: Tips on Bog Ponds

Tips on Bog Ponds

A bog pond is a ‘tiny’ body of water in your garden or in your landscape that creates a space that will draw wildlife to your area. All animals need water and when you create a bog pond that keeps water available to them in times of drought or even in high heat, you will create a spot that you can enjoy watching the animals come and play.

You most likely already have a place picked out for your bog pond, but to make sure, you should not pick an area that is in full shade because you can have mold and bacteria growing in water that does not get any sunlight at all. You will want at least partial sun during the day to keep molds and bacteria at bay. You also might want to consider keeping our bog pond away from the near tree line because trees right on top of the pond will make a pile of leaves in your water when the fall months come.

If you are going to have fish in your bog pond, you will need to research the material that is used for the pond shell. You can ask your dealer if the materials that make up the bog pond are safe for fish or not because some types of materials will give off toxic chemicals to the fish. If you are going to be using fish in your bog pond you will also want to get a few plants for in the pond that put oxygen back into the water. There are aquatic plants that put oxygen back into the water and that will bloom to add even more beauty to your garden landscaping.

If you are going to have a pump to put oxygen in the bog pond for your fish you will need to remember to clean out the pump as often as the manufacture suggests in order to keep your pump in working order. Bog ponds in colder climates are acceptable for the spring through fall months as well, but you will need to take out your pump during the freezing winter months to make sure it continues to work correctly for years to come.

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