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Product: Pumps - Table Top Fountain

A beautiful table top fountain can change the mood of an entire room, bringing the serene, tranquil sound of flowing water indoors. Table top fountains have a unique design and require special pumps to keep them flowing. PondSupply.com has put together a wide selection of pump models that are appropriate for table top applications.

When you shop with us, you won't have to worry about whether or not a particular fountain pump can be used on indoor table top fountains. Our team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in pond and fountain installation has already reviewed every product shown here to ensure that it can meet the needs of table top fountains.

PondSupply.com carries only the best table top fountain pumps from top manufacturers, including Eco-Plus, PondMaster, Beckett and Little Giant. You'll find both standard and magnetic-drive pumps in our collection, and most of our models come in an assortment of sizes. If you need help choosing the right table top fountain pump, get in touch with us for assistance!

Eco-Plus Fountain Pumps
Eco-Plus Fountain Pumps These smaller submersible water pumps are ideal for fountains and smaller water gardens. These pumps draw water in from the bottom vs. the side.

Eco Plus 66gph Fountain Pump  $11.95
Eco Plus 100gph Fountain Pump  $13.95
Eco Plus 132gph Fountain Pump  $21.95
PondMaster Fountain Pumps
PondMaster Fountain Pumps Operates in 1/2" of water. Outlet accepts 3/8" or 1/2" ID tubing.

PondMaster 140 gph Fountain Pump  $44.95
PondMaster 190 gph Fountain Pump  $57.95
PondMaster 80 gph Fountain Pump  $34.95
PondMaster Supreme Mag Drive Pump Mini  $25.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps Epoxy-encapsulated submersible pumps. 115V, 60Hz. All have screen inlet and 16' cord(except 92GPH has 6' cord).

Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 210gph  $72.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 300gph  $99.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 535gph  $139.95
Beckett M130
Beckett M130 130 gph, 10 watts, 0.2 amps, max lift 4.3', 6' cord, adjustable flow control, outlet accepts 1/2" ID tubing. $39.95

Beckett M250
Beckett M250 257 gph, 23 watts, 0.5 amps, max lift 6.5', 16' cord, flow control, outlet accepts 5/8" ID tubing. $47.95

Beckett M250
Beckett M350/M400 405 gph- 33 watts, 0.7 amps, max lift 8.2', 16' cord, flow control, outlet accepts 5/8" ID tubing. $69.95

Little Giant Mag Drive Fountain Pump - 40 GPH
Little Giant Mag Drive Small Fountain Pumps Submersible magnetic-drive statuary/fountain pumps. Designed to operate continuously with minimal energy consumption. Corrosion-resistant body specifically for submersible use. Easy to install and maintain. 6-ft cord. Outlet accepts 3/8" or 1/2" ID tubing.

Little Giant Mag Drive Fountain Pump - 40 GPH  $27.95
Little Giant Mag Drive Fountain Pump - 77 GPH  $37.95
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