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article: Summer Seasonal Care

Summer Seasonal Care

Summer is the months when you most enjoy your water garden and the fish that are living in the water pond but summer is also a time when you should pay attention to a few things that are happening in the water garden.

Keeping the quality of the water high a filtration system is going to make the overall process easier. A filter system is going to keep nitrate levels lower and will keep ammonia levels lower so fish can continue to thrive. Check your filter system to be sure your water is properly cleaned.

Test and check the water occasionally during the summer months, even just a time or two a month is going to ensure that you catch problems before they get too far out of hand. Water constantly flowing in the water garden is going to keep air in the water, and will help filter out those problems.

Try to avoid over feeding the koi. Koi will often try to eat as much as you give them, but this does not mean that it is what they really need. Feed what your fish can eat in ten minutes and no more that day. Over feeding fish can lead to additional health problems for the fish, and it can lead to dirty water in the garden as the fish are not going to be able to eat all the food you put in.

During the summer months it is the perfect time to spend a little time with your fish, holding them looking at them and checking them out for disease, problems and things that you can help with so that your fish will live for years to come.

In the morning of the early summer months you have to watch that the females have not been forced out of the water when spawning is occurring. If you find your fish are lying on the banks of the water garden put them back in pond as soon as possible so they may revive from this stress. The early morning hours are when you should take a walk around the water garden just to be sure to catch these female fish early on.


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