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Product: Fountain - Spitters

The sound of moving water instantly enhances the ambiance around any pond, but for many people, the labor and expense of adding a fountain or waterfall to their existing pond setup is unappealing. Pond spitters are an inexpensive, easy way to add the sound of moving water to a pond and create a tranquil retreat in any garden or backyard. In addition, pond spitters add a stylish, decorative touch to your pond setup, enhancing its beauty while providing a soothing sound.

Here at PondSupply.com, we carry only the finest pond spitters. All of our products are built from durable materials, so that they can stand up to the effects of bad weather, humidity and water exposure. Many of our pond spitters are versatile enough for indoor use as well as for placing outdoors, so they can be used to create a beautiful fountain in your home or place of business.


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