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Product: Fish Care - Spawning Nets

If you're intending to breed your koi fish, providing the right environment to protect the eggs is very important. Spawning nets provide a safe place for koi fish to lay their eggs and help to protect them from predators until they hatch.

At PondSupply.com we offer only the best quality spawning nets for backyard ponds. Our nets are versatile and can be anchored in place or allowed to freely float. The products we feature in our collection are made from durable materials, including polyester webbing and polypropylene plastic. The nets we feature are the ideal size for many pond settings and are sold at affordable prices.

Nycon Fish Spawning Incubator
Nycon Fish Spawning Incubator 18" diameter; 18" deep. Floats, or can be anchored. Polyester net with polyethylene floating ring. $72.95

Nycon Fish Spawning Brush
Nycon Fish Spawning Brush 48" long Spawning Brush. Drape spawning brush into pond for fish to spawn against. Easily attaches with ropes for tethering to edge of pond. $44.95

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