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article: Spawning and Fish

Spawning and Fish

Large water gardens are where you are going to find the owner caring for the fish while they are spawning and reproducing. Purchasing just a few fish and then allowing them to reproduce, and helping these fish reproduce you will have a water garden full of fish in just a matter of a few years. For the smaller water garden, skimming out the eggs and eliminating the areas where fish like to lay eggs, you can somewhat control the spawning of fish in your water pond.

So you are going to stock your water garden – should you put more females or males in your water garden? If you are really going to be interested in breeding your fish, keeping more males than females in your water garden is going to make the male fish compete for the females and you are going to have better results with breeding. If you are not going to be concerned with breeding your fish, it really won’t what your ratio of males to females is in your water garden.

Depending on what type of fish you are going to raise you may want to keep all females and just a few males, or vice versa, can also be based on just the colors, sizes and the way that certain sexes tend to swim or act. An example of this is that the female Koi fish are most often larger and more colorful than the males so stocking more females in your water garden and only a few males, you are not going to create the atmosphere where breeding will be a major issue as there is little competition with the males in this situation.

While water gardening and breeding will often be associated in discussing spawning in the water garden you may come across the word flock spawning occasionally. Flock spawning is the situation where you have various types of fish in your water garden, both male and females, and eggs are being laid. As these eggs are laid, fertilization by the males are not limited to fertilizing their own ‘breed’ of fish. When a large mixture of eggs are laid in the water garden, the male is going to fertilize eggs based on the natural instinct no matter what type of eggs that these are which will give you variations of fish.

Say you are raising Koi for profit and you are going to resell Koi fish, you won’t want to keep various types of fish in the same water garden because you can end up with different traits, sizes, colors, and sometimes you will find that these are very undesirable for the water garden fish buyers.

If you are raising fish for profit or because you specifically like one type of fish, keeping your fish separate and in different water gardens, if you have more than one type will be important during spawning for true, natural breeding of each fish.

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