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article: Similar Goldfish

Similar Goldfish

Although you will find that there are many different colors and sizes of goldfish, you will find that many of their breeding habits, feeding needs and their climate needs are similar. In this article I just wanted to tell you a bit more about goldfish, their habits, and information you can use when raising goldfish in your own water garden.

Goldfish will survive best and thrive for years in a water that is either still or very slow moving. The water where there are plenty of plants in and around the water is an ideal location for raising goldfish.

Goldfish really enjoy the water that is anywhere from fifty to eighty degrees. A nice slow moving warm water with plants is what you need for healthy goldfish. Along with this you will find that the areas of the world that do have a colder season and then warmer seasons are ideal for goldfish because they like to lay their eggs in the cool weather of spring. In the areas of the world where the temperatures are always over sixty degrees, the goldfish is more confused about when to lay their eggs. In the cool months of spring, the goldfish naturally spawns and reproduces by laying their eggs, scattering them around the pond.

One thing you will find disturbing about the goldfish is that even though they are going to lay so many eggs, they are also known to egg their own eggs leaving you with less ‘baby’ goldfish than you might have thought when you first see the number of eggs that are scattered across the pond.

The common goldfish is a short finned fish, with an orange color, but sometimes found in a variety of other colors as well.
The London Shubunkin, is a goldfish that includes the use of blue in their body but with short fins still.
The Bristol Shubunkin is a goldfish that has the blue coloring but with a longer fin set than others.
Fantail goldfish is an oval bodied fish with short fins. The body is more oval than other goldfish.
Redcap goldfish is a fish that has an red head, very different as the rest of the body is still an orangy color.
Moor goldfish are a very interesting variety of goldfish as they are a black colored fish, black all over their body.
A Bubbly eye goldfish might seem like a silly name, but this goldfish is known for its large eye sacs that are filled with fluid giving it a very distinct different look from other goldfish.

Goldfish don’t have the normal teeth that you would expect to find, but they do have a set of grinding teeth that are set back in their throat for eating purposes. If you have the chance, just watching how a goldfish eats, you will see just how far back those grinding teeth are in relation to their mouth.

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