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article: Shallow Water Marginal Plants

Shallow Water Marginal Plants

Water gardening is a hobby that many gardeners love because they can use so many more types of flowers, plants, and shrubbery in their gardens that are near the water garden. Growing plants in and around the water garden can be just as exciting as having a successful vegetable garden because you can see the actual results of your laboring in the water garden. Here we are going to discuss a few shallow water garden plants that you can also grow in the very moist areas of your landscape for great colors and additions to your gardens.

The water forget me not is a colorful display of white and orange colors that will grow in clumps in and around the water garden. The plant is rather delicate and can seem insignificant when you donít plant a few of them together in your water garden. While this is a perennial plant, it may not bloom every year but you will find it growing every year in the water garden. This is one water garden plant that will spread out quickly and you will need to keep it under control so it does not take over the banks of your water garden. This plant will grow to be about eight inches tall and will flower in the mid summer months in the sun or in the partial shade.

Arrowhead is another shallow water garden plant that is commonly known also as the Plena. This plant thrives best in the larger water gardens because the plant will uproot in the fall months and establish themselves in the spring months in a new area of the water garden. The Arrowhead will grow to be about eighteen inches tall. When you are planting the arrowhead in your water garden it likes to be in four to six inches of water for the best results in growing. Plant this flower in the full sun areas of your water garden for a flowering display in the mid summer months.

Brooklime is a plant that will grow tall but will produce tiny flowers on the tips of the plant. This is a colorful plant that will make your garden a much more welcoming area to be in. You can grow this plant in areas where the water is just three to four inches deep but you can also plant it in the areas that are eight to ten inches deep and still have successful results. This is a plant that will bloom in the mid summer months, loving the full sun areas but it will continue to grow in areas where there is just partial shade during the day.


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