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Ultima II Cyclonic Filter

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filters

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 10k  $1,728.95
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 20k  $2,066.95
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 30k  $2,756.95
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Ultima Filters are superior to bead filters because of their patented bio-tube media which does not clump together like beads do. No need for a blower for back washing!

• Super easy to backwash – never get your hands wet again!

• Unique filter media allows for high flow rates with minimal back pressure

• Compact filter can be buried in ground (up to control head) for easy hiding when used as a pond filter

Independent Laboratory Testing Confirms Ultima Filters are the Best! Gillespie Biomonitoring Labs, an independent, certified testing laboratory, tested the Ultima II filter and the other three leading bead filters.

The Ultima II filter proved to be superior in all area’s including setup, nitrification, back washing and overall efficiency. These top-of-the-line filters are the best choice for fish holding systems, aquaculture and koi ponds.

Performance Data
† Max. Pond Size
Max. Lbs. of Fish Max. GPM Flow Inlet/Out-let Size Filter Size Ht. x Dia.
1k 87 17 1.5 '' 22 x 12''
2k 175 34 1.5 '' 35 x 17''
4k 350 68 1.5 '' 35 x 21''
6k 525 80 2 '' 41 x 23''
10k 700 100 2 " 42 x 25''
20k 1225 125 2 '' 48 x 31''
20k 1750 125 2 '' 55 x 36''
*30k 1750 340 3 '' 39 x 46''

*AA300S has 3'' side mount control heads

Patented Bio Tube Filter media has extremely high surface area (one cubic foot of media has 750 square feet of surface area) for maximum filtration. This lightweight, non-clogging media is seeded with natural bacteria for quick filter start up after installation.

Maximum pond size is for water garden applications which typically have a light fish load. Use maximum pounds of fish column for aquaculture and fish holding systems where density of fish is much higher.