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PondCare Algaefix

PondCare Algaefix

PondCare Algaefix 8 oz.  $9.95
PondCare Algaefix 16 oz.  $15.95
PondCare Algaefix 32 oz  $30.95
PondCare Algaefix 64 oz.  $49.95
PondCare Algaefix 128 oz.  $79.95
PondCare Algaefix 320 oz.  $145.95
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EPA registered algae control for water gardens! Control algae without harming fish or plants!
• Controls “green water algae”, string algae and blanket weed
• Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear
• Kills existing algae and controls future algae blooms
• Easy to use — simply pour recommended amount into your pond! Other algae cures are nonselective and kill algae and other pond plants. Algaefix is a unique product that effectively controls algae without harm to other plants or fish.