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Windpowered Aerator

Windpowered Aerator

Aerator Double Diffuser w/ Vinyl Tube  $166.95
Aerator Double Diffuser w/ Weighted Tube  $301.95
Wind Powered Aerator - 12' Windmill  $1,319.95
Wind Powered Aerator - 16' Windmill  $1,439.95
Wind Powered Aerator - 20' Windmill  $1,499.95
Wind Powered Aerator - Replacement Diapraghm  $59.95
Wind Powered Aerator - Windmill Less Tower  $1,049.95
Windpowered Aerator Freeze Control  $107.95
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Let Mother Nature help aerate, circulate and destratisfy your pond! Our wind driven pond aerator is an ideal way to supplement oxygen levels and improve the overall health of a pond. Ideal for areas needing aeration without electricity nearby.Windmill can be located up to 1000' away from the pond’s edge, if necessary, to catch more wind.
• Made from heavy duty 18 gauge galvanized steel – will last for 20 years or more!
• Only requires 5 mph of wind to operate
• 64" diameter head with 12 blades, pumps 1.5 CFM of air
• No annual maintenance except diaphragm replacement as needed (usually one
to two years) and minimal greasing
• Will pay for itself several times over in saved electricity costs
• If you have a tower or wish to build your own, you can purchase windmill with everything except the tower