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Hakko Air Pumps and Accesories

Hakko Air Pumps and Accesories

Hakko Air Pump 40-ipm  $185.95
Hakko Air Pump Diaphragm - 40  $34.95
Hakko Air Pump Magnet - 40  $28.95
Hakko Air Pump 80-ipm  $285.95
Hakko Air Pump Diaphragm - 80  $37.95
Hakko Air Pump Magnet - 80  $34.95
Hakko Air Pump 120-ipm  $494.95
Hakko Air Pump Diaphragm - 120  $57.95
Hakko Air Pump Magnet - 120  $87.95
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Perfect for Koi Pond or Small Lakes. Greatly Increases Oxygen Levels. Better Fish Health and Growth. Improves Bio-Filtration and Reduces Algae Growth and Clarity. Reduces Sludge and Saves Electricity. Critical for Aquaculture. Intensive Recirculation System