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PondMaster Submersible UV Lights

PondMaster Submersible UV Light 10 Watt  $170.95
PondMaster Submersible UV Light 20 watt  $305.95
PondMaster Replacement: UV BULB 20-WATT  $82.95
PondMaster Replacement Parts for UV Lights 10 watt  $45.95
PondMaster Replacement: UV BULB 40-WATT  $67.95
PondMaster Replacement: UV SLEEVE 10-WATT  $21.95
PondMaster Replacement: UV Sleeve 20-Watt  $39.95
PondMaster Replacement: UV SLEEVE 40-WATT  $32.95
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The only UltraViolet light that can be used in or out of the pond. Glowing monitor halo rings immediately show that unit is working. Each unit includes a 9,000 hour UV lamp, quartz water tight sleeve, transformer, 18' cord.