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Little Giant Out-Of-Pond Pump

Little Giant Out-of-Pond Pump OPWG-29 [1740-gph]  $569.95
Little Giant Out-of-Pond Pump OPWG-46 [2760-gph]  $599.95
Little Giant Out-of-Pond Pump OPWG-71 [4260-gph]  $663.95
Little Giant Out-of-Pond Pump OPWG-97 [5820-gph]  $749.95
Little Giant Leaf Basket For Out-of-Pond Pumps  $149.95
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These end-suction centrifugal pumps are designed for placement at the perimeter of the pond, eliminating the need for wading into the pond to service the pump. The pump housing is injection molded, corrosion resistant, thermoplastic and is mounted to custom built motor. The impeller is glass-filled NorylŪ. Models 1740 and 2760 have 2" NPT suction and 1-1/2" NPT discharge. They are pre-wired with an 8' cord and 115v plug. Models 4260 and 5820 have 1-1/2" NPT suction and discharge. Prewired for 115v, but suitable for 115v or 230v operation.