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article: Pricing out a Water Garden

Pricing out a Water Garden

There are many sizes and types of water gardens that you can choose to create in your landscape that it is important that you set a budget and decide exactly how much you are going to spend on your garden before ever digging the hole for the water garden.

Your water garden is going to be a relaxing and an enjoyable addition to your landscape. So if you find that your available budget is not going to cover the size and type of garden that you want most, you should put off your water garden construction until next spring or summer when you really do have all of your budget in line so you can create the water garden that you are going to love for years to come.

A water garden shape can often come into play with costs if you are going to need special materials. There are various types of materials, and when using concrete you can shape your garden to about any size and shape. If you are going to use a pond liner for your water garden, you will need to shape your water garden according to what is available.

A water garden that is created for fish and that is very large, can be costly in maintenance. Be sure to investigate all the types of filtration systems that are available before choosing one that will fit your needs. The ongoing costs of the water garden should be a determining factor when building a water garden just as much as your initial construction costs.

When you are initially starting a water garden or creating a pond area, a backhoe and operator can run about $50 per hour. Sometimes you will get a break if you are hiring by the half-day or the day but this depends on the business in your area. For a man to come in and dig the area of your water garden by hand, you can generally expect to pay about $25 per hour or more. If you are building the very large water garden, it could take a man two days or more to dig out the area of your water garden.

If you have to have good soil trucked in for your surrounding areas of the water garden it could cost about $500 per triaxle load (which is 25 tons) and if you need sand for the water garden it will run about $17 - $20 per ton depending on the area that you are living in.

Using a 45-mil flexible liner for your water garden can run about $1.25 per square foot. This does depend on the demand in your own area and what time of year it is. Sometimes in the mid winter months you can find a sale on the liner of your choice in a home center. In the spring and summer months you will pay top price.

A 20 mil flexible liner for the water garden will cost you about $1.00 per square foot. Depending on the size of your water garden and where you are located, your pricing could be more or less.

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