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Select the type of water treatment you need from the options below

Treat your pond with natural or chemical treatments to control algae, heal fish diseases, control undesirable insects or aquatic bugs and correct water quality problems.

Often preventative measures are more economical since it is easier to prevent a problem than to correct it. Even if preventive treatments aren't 100% effective they can keep problems under control enough that other chemicals and treatments can work more effectively. An example would be using barley treatments and biological treatments early in the season so that you don't have to use as much algae control chemicals later in the year.

The main trick to getting good results with water treatments is proper dosage, if aren't sure of your pond water volume then use the pond calculators to get an good guess of your pond in gallons.


Test Kits
Test your water with a simple to complex test kits.

Algae, fish diseases, water-borne pests and other problems can quickly turn your beautiful garden pond into a backyard nightmare. Fortunately, you can largely prevent common pond problems by regularly treating your water with high quality products. At PondSupply.com, we make it easy to find everything that you need to handle your water treatment needs. Whether you're looking for chemical-based or natural water treatment solutions, we're sure to have a product that will work for you.

Our collection of water treatment products includes formulas for removing chlorine, algae and microbes from your pond water. We also offer pond clarifiers, pH control, beneficial bacterial and other products that can help you maintain ideal water conditions in your pond year-round. All of our water treatment products are of the finest quality, chosen by our team of backyard pond experts for their reliability and safety. Visit the links shown above to browse our complete collection, and if you need help determining what products are best for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us for advice.

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