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article: Bog Arum

Bog Arum

Water gardens or wet areas of your landscape are not a problem; these are still areas of your landscape where plants can be added. The type of plants that can be added to moist portions of your landscape and around your water garden are plants that can be classified as shallow water marginal plants.

Bog arum is a plant that you can put in the areas around your water garden. Although you might feel that this is just a bog plant because of the name, it is a plant that can live in the water up to four inches of water. There are bog arum plants that are considered to be deep water plants, living in water of much deeper areas.

What does the bog arum look like? This plant is similar to what a marsh marigold display looks like. The petals of the flower are white and showy, but in the center of the plant there seems to be a spike that will catch your eye sticking out of the center of the white. As you look closely at the bog arum, you will notice that the one bloom head is really many smaller blooms together to make one larger.

The petals on this bloom head are really not petals at all but leaves that are enveloping the many smaller blooms together. The flower head is multiple flower heads to create one large spike looking area which is quite a sight in the water garden.

The bog arum will grow to be about a foot high when mature, but will be smaller in the first year of planting. This plant does well in constantly moist areas of your landscape or in shallow water areas around the water garden. The bog arum is a full sun plant that does not fare well at all in the shaded area.

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