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Product: Pondless - Reservoir Cubes

Whether you're installing a Just-A-Fall system, a beautiful garden fountain or another project that does not include a pond, you'll need a reservoir of adequate dimensions. For large projects, adequately sized reservoirs can add a lot of additional expenses in terms of the amount of stone needed, the amount liner that is necessary and the extra labor involved with digging.

Pondless Waterfall Reservoir Cubes help to limit the expenses associated with large reservoirs and save you money. These plastic cubes can be arranged in the reservoir area and have open designs that allow water to pass through them. Their sturdy construction makes the cubes durable enough to last for years, and their cost is much less than that of stone.

PondSupply.com has both standard cubes for reservoir capacities of 40 percent and high res cubes for reservoir capacities of 90 percent. Both types are stackable and can be placed end to end to fill in areas of any size. If you need help determining which type to buy or how many Pondless Waterfall Reservoir Cubes are necessary for your project, contact us for assistance.

Reservoir Cube Features

- Reduce rock tonnage
- Reservoir can be made smaller because of the increased water percentage due to less rock being used
- Increase reservoir water capacity from 40% with rock to 90% with Res-Cubes
- Installation time is reduced considerable - smaller reservoir hole means less digging, less liner and less labor


Reservoir cubes let you build smaller pond reservoirs

It's common knowledge that a reservoir has to be built large enough to hold adequate water for the size feature you are building. On large projects the reservoir can get very large. This makes it hard to build a natural looking stne bottom.

Pro designer often oversize the liner on the reservoir allowing you to wrap liner over the top of the cubes and greatly reduce the visible stone area.

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