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: Pond Kits

Pond kits are the easiest way to build your own pond, rather than purchasing all the parts separately. You’ll save money with a pond kit too and you don’t have to worry about the parts not fitting or working together.

Like a computer, you could buy parts separately to build your own as long as you have the knowledge to do so. Some people feel they must do this to have the best machine possible within their budget. Yet you can still buy a computer and upgrade or add to it over time. With ponds, we recommend that option to 99% of pond builders; start with a pond kit and make additions when you please.

Find the pond kit that matches your size and layout ideas. Then build your pond using the kit and customize it with decorations and/or fountains down the line. It will look just as good as if you constructed it all on your own!

Key points:

Kits save you money: Buying your pond in a kit versus purchasing all the parts separately saves you money. Right off the top you save 10 – 20 % plus you also save a lot of money by only paying one shipping charge.

Everything fits: Your new pond filter will work correctly with the pump. This may not seem like a big deal until your filter starts overflowing and emptying your pond. Also not having to run back and forth to the local hardware store trying to cobble together plumbing parts is a big plus.

Different types of kits: If you are focused on koi, then consider a koi pond kit. The koi kits already include U.V. clarifiers and bead filters – they use an external pump and a bottom drain. If you are going with a traditional kit then be sure and take a close look at the product specs. Some brands label their pond kits as large while another brand’s small kit is actually bigger. So always take a good look at the liner size.

You’re not locked in: You can always add a bottom drain, U.V. filter, extra filtration or even a stream later. Consider buying a little bigger than you need so that you can adjust the design or add a stream.

The pond in the video is one I built for my house in Boise. It has a 15 stream/veggie filter running along the fence line that kept the pond crystal clear and allowed the koi a lot of swimming area.

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