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: Pond & Garden Decor

The right decorative items can enhance the beauty of your pond and your surrounding garden or yard. PondSupply.com has a wide array of pond and garden decor items to help you create the landscape design of your dreams, and we keep our prices affordable, so that you can get the design you want at a price that you can afford. All of the items in our pond and garden decor collection are of the finest quality, and we're available to assist you with selecting the right pieces to complete your pond or garden.

Our pond and garden decor collection features a wide array of lighting options from accent lights to submersible lights to rock lights. We also carry timers and transformers to help you power your outdoor lighting and automate your lighting system. In addition, you'll find wildlife statues and spitters for use in and around ponds and imitation plants to add to the natural look of your landscape design. A selection of foggers rounds out pond and garden decor collection.

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