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: Aeration

Aeration not only keeps fish alive, but is most important for maintaining a healthy pond. Most people think of aeration as only being needed for large, commercial ponds. However, it is beneficial for smaller ponds because without oxygen, nothing can decompose. All fish waste, dead algae, plant material, leaves, or other debris that falls to the bottom of your pond will continue to build up unless there is an adequate oxygen level reaching to the pond floor.

Shallow ponds may have enough oxygen going to the bottom, but deeper ponds will seldom have good oxygen levels where it’s needed. A bottom mounted air diffuser can make a huge difference in the health of your pond by bringing oxygen and circulation where it is needed most. Aeration maintains good health for the fish and plants and keeps your pond clear of pollution.

Aeration is not just for large commercial ponds. While it is the main form of filtration for those ponds your backyard pond can benefit greatly from adding a bit of aeration. Now, most folks understand that during the dog days of summer aeration can save your fish and eliminate all the “gasping” at the surface. But don’t forget that an aeration system can allow you to turn off your pump/filter system during the winter. That not only saves you money, but it saves on stress for you koi.

Running your pump during the winter just “refrigerates the water”. Running over your waterfall and then circulation into the pond keeps the entire pond much colder than it would be if you just shut it off.

Of course just shutting it off without providing for an opening in the ice will kill your koi. The most inexpensive and effective way to accomplish that is an aeration system.

Air systems also help keep your pond cleaner and provide a measure of security in case your pump dies during summer. We get a lot of emergency pump orders when the temps are in the 100’s because when the pump dies often the koi start suffering from lack of oxygen shortly thereafter.  Something you won’t have to worry about it you are pumping air into the bottom of your pond.

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