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Product: Accessories - Tubing

When you're installing your own backyard pond, using the right tubing is key to creating a durable setup that will require minimal maintenance and repairs in the future. PondSupply.com carries only the finest pond tubing products to meet the needs of do-it-yourself pond installers. Before we add any pond tubing products to our site, our team of pond installation experts carefully reviews their materials and craftsmanship, and only those that meet our high quality standards make the cut and become included in our inventory.

The pond tubing collection at PondSupply.com includes both traditional and kink-proof black vinyl tubing. The black color blends seamlessly in with the look of the entire pond environment, and the vinyl construction is rugged and resistant to damage. We offer pond tubing both in pre-measured roles and by the foot to suit your needs.

Easy Pro Black Vinyl Tubing
Black Vinyl Tubing (per foot) Black Vinyl Tubing By-The-Foot
Black in color for easy concealment
Easily accepts barb fittings

Black Vinyl Tubing 1/4" ID (per foot)  $0.40
Black Vinyl Tubing 3/8" ID (per foot)  $0.48
Black Vinyl Tubing 1/2" ID (per foot)  $0.72
Black Vinyl Tubing 5/8" ID (per foot)  $0.95
Black Vinyl Tubing 3/4" ID (per foot)  $1.99
Black Vinyl Tubing 1" ID (per foot)  $2.56
Black Vinyl Tubing 1-1/4" ID (per foot)  $3.18
Easy Pro Black Vinyl Tubing
Easy Pro Black Vinyl Tubing Our high quality black vinyl tubing is preferred for use in garden ponds and ornamental ponds. The black color blends in with the bottom and also inhibits algae growth inside the pipe.

Easy Pro 3/8" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $30.95
Easy Pro 1/2" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $41.95
Easy Pro 5/8" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $79.95
Easy Pro 3/4" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $96.95
Easy Pro 1" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100' Roll  $139.95
Kink Free Tubing
Kink Free Tubing Heavy duty thick walls prevent collapse or kinking. Black in color for easy concealment. Metric sizing.

Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 3/4" ID (per foot)  $1.92
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 1" ID (per foot)  $2.32
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 1-1/4" ID (per foot)  $3.12
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 1-1/2" ID (per foot)  $3.68
Black Kink-Free Tubing Metric 2" ID (per foot)  $6.38
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