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Product: Spray Foam

If you're working to create the perfect do-it-yourself backyard pond, you need to use the same tools and tricks that the professionals use to get the job done. One secret of professional pond installers is spray foam, which has a wide variety of uses in pond design. A high quality spray can be used to fill in spaces between stones and rocks, so that you can improve the look of your pond without having to purchase extra materials. In addition, spray foam can be used to create a path to ensure that your waterfall flows exactly the way you pictured.

At PondSupply.com, we stock only the finest spray foam products for ponds. Options in our collection include spray foam guns, which are what most professional installers use on the job. In addition, you'll find affordable spray foam cans that can be substituted for guns for small or one-time projects. Finally, our collection includes products to help you maintain spray foam guns, such as cleaners.


Atlantic Black Waterfall Foam - 12 oz.
Atlantic Black Waterfall Foam - 12 oz. Triple-expanding black waterfall foam. Fish-safe. UV-protected. Use to attach rocks to spillways and to direct water over the falls. 12-oz can $14.95

Easy Pro 29 OZ Black Gun Foam
Easy Pro 29 OZ Black Gun Foam Our professional grade gun foam is recommended for serious pond builders! A more economical way to use foam sealant. These cans will fit the Hilti guns or use with the professional foam gun on this page. $37.95

Easy Pro Black Water Foam - 20 oz.
Easy Pro Black Water Foam - 20 oz. This larger size is a considerably better deal per ounce than previous cans. Self dispensing and reusable cans, ideal for homeowners or pond installers who do not use large volumes of foam. $19.95

Gun Foam Cleaner
Gun Foam Cleaner Gun foam cleaner is used to clean out uncured foam from foam guns and also to clean insides of gun when not working properly. $24.95

Professional Foam Gun
Professional Foam Gun This all steel, professional foam gun comes with complete instructions and a wrench for disassembly. Built to withstand years of use! This gun is well worth the money! $131.45

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