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article: Placement of a Water Garden

Placement of a Water Garden

You will find that there are many considerations when you are deciding on where to start a water garden on your property. One of the first things that you will need to decide is where you would most like to have a water garden. Away from the house, away from where the children play, near enough to your other gardens to be considered an extension of your gardens, and then you will have to consider light, the soil combination, and sources of water when you are considering where to place your water garden.

A water garden is best when you design it around or in your other water gardens but within the limitations of nature in your setting. While some gardeners will design a water garden where ever they best feel that it fits or works for their garden but this could be the wrong place for light needed for plants in the water garden, or for the drainage in the water garden so keeping your mind open when deciding where to place a water garden will be the first step to creating a beautiful and successful water garden.

A great location for your water garden or your water pond will be away from trees that could be poisonous for the fish or the plants. Droppings from the trees the leaves, the needles, or possibly even from the animals living in the trees could harm plants and fish in the pond. If a water pond or water garden is too close to a tree, you may also find that the tree could be sucking all the water from the pond constantly as the tree gets older. Find a position for your water garden that trees will not be involved in the situation where all possible.

Another thing that you will want to consider when you are placing your water garden or water pond in your lawn or on your property is the placement of your water garden in relation to your vegetable garden or where you possibly would be using chemicals. If you use chemicals on certain areas of your lawn or in certain areas of your garden, you should consider placing your water garden further from this point because chemical over spray into the water can harm your fish or certain water plants.

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