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Product: Liner - Bottom Drains

What happens to the debris and muck not caught by your skimmer and your filter? Ultimately, most of that unwanted grime ends up at the bottom of your pond, where it can form a built-up that over time can have a major negative impact n the quality of your pond water. Pond liner bottom drains are designed to capture much of the debris that settles at the bottom of your pond, so that you can quickly remove it when it comes time to clean. In addition, bottom drains are essential in ponds that are more than 2 feet deep, as they help to prevent the water from becoming stagnant.

Easy Pro Professional Bottom Drain Kits
Easy Pro Professional Bottom Drain Kits Many pond builders have found that adding a bottom drain helps keep a pond cleaner. Fish waste and other muck that accumulates on a pond bottom can be easily removed by a bottom drain. Ponds that are over 2' deep can become stagnant without a bottom drain.

2" Bottom Drain Kit with BD1 Drain  $141.95
2" Bottom Drain Kit with BDA Drain w/Air Diffuser  $159.95
3" Bottom Drain Kit with EBD4 Drain  $186.95
3" Bottom Drain Kit with EBD4A Drain w/Air Diffuser  $224.95
3 Bottom Drains
3" Bottom Drains

Available with (BDA) or without (BD1) air diffuser in lid.
using air increases circulation and cleaning capacity

Both have dual rubber gaskets and six stainless screws for water tight penetration through liner

For use with 3" schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe

BDA has 1/2" barbed inlet fitting, recommended air flow is .5 - 1.5 cfm

3" BD1 Bottom Drain  $79.95
3" BDA Bottom Drain with air diffuser  $119.95
Easy Pro Professional Bottom Drain Kits
4" Bottom Drains

Threaded center stand pipe securely attaches dome lid to base

Sixteen stainless screws securely attach liner ring to base with water tight seal through liner

Heavy Duty, roto-molded design offers superior strength

4" EBD4 Bottom Drain  $134.95
4" EBD4A Bottom Drain with air diffuser  $179.95
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