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article: Fish and The Water Garden

Choices - Fish and The Water Garden

Water gardens that include fish are very different from the water garden that contains only plants. Fish in the water garden add movement and additional life to the water that you canít achieve with plants alone. Often people are going to think about goldfish or koi fish when they are stocking a water garden, but in reality depending on the size of your water garden, you can have many different types of fish in the water garden.

First you will need to choose the right type of fish for your water garden. Some fish need the deep water, others need a shallow area, learn more about the types of fish that you adore most before purchasing fish for your water garden.

Secondly, when you have made a choice about the types of fish you want to stock in your water garden, learn to look for healthy and thriving fish that will fit your grow zones. Some fish need warmer waters all year around while others are more hardy through the harsh winters.

Catfish are a type of fish that are fun to watch, and they are interesting to watch. Catfish will eat other types of fish in the water garden, so if you are over run with smaller types of fish, one or two cat fish can help you control the other types of fish in the water garden.

Goldfish are a favorite for many types of water gardens, but many types of goldfish will not make it through the harsh cold winters in the northern areas. Goldfish can be different colors, with baby goldfish not really showing their colors until they are a few months old.

Koi are still a favorite in the water garden, eating many of the things that will be in the water garden and the debris that comes from other plants and fish alike. Koi can grow to be rather large, growing to be about thirty inches long. Koi are not one of the best choices for the smallest water gardens.

If you have long and large areas of water, trout, bass, blue gill or even other types of colorful fish can adorn your water garden. Some of the largest water gardens also become Ďfavorite fishing holesí for small grandchildren.

Along with the fish that will live in your water garden, other creatures often make homes in the water garden. Frogs and toads are favorites around water gardens because they are going to eat many of the small flying and crawling creatures that come around the water garden. If you donít have any types of frogs or toads around your water garden, you might like to purchase a few and introduce them to your water garden to keep the population of bugs down.

Newts and salamanders are other types of little critters that will find their way to the water garden. Newts and salamanders are going to eat slugs and snails that can damage your plants around and in the water garden. Newts and salamanders are also another type of animal that you can purchase from fisheries or from pet stores.

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