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Product: Water Treatments - Pond Clarifiers

These are often called flocculants. And a lot of times, let’s say, you got that green water and it is just that everything is kind of murky and you’ve got a good filtration system, but the stuff is so small it is just going right through your filter and it is not getting caught.

Now, that is where the pond clarifiers work great. They tend to clump all of that algae together in the clumps that are large enough to be taken out by your filtration.

Pond Accu-Clear
Pond Accu-Clear Quickly clears cloudy pond water by causing tiny suspended particles of dirt and debris to clump together. Keeps pond clean during peak summer months. Treats up to 2400-gallons per 8 oz.

Pond Accu-Clear - 1 gal  $84.95
Pond Accu-Clear - 16oz  $20.95
Pond Accu-Clear - 64 oz  $45.95
EcoFix Bacterial pond clarifier that breaks down dead algae and makes pond water clean and clear. Helps create a cleaner ecosystem for fish. Increases oxygen level in pond water. Treats up to 2,000 gallons per 8 ounces.

EcoFix - 16oz  $21.95
EcoFix - 64oz  $49.95
EcoFix - 128oz  $83.95
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