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Once your pond gets in a rhythm and everything seems to be running smoothly, it can be easy to get lazy when it comes to testing your water on a regular basis. Even if your water is crystal clear and your fish are swimming around and look healthy, it’s important to continually test your water and maintain your pond to avoid future issues.

Abrupt changes in temperature filter channeling, growth of bacteria and other factors can lead to issues in your pond. Testing your water is the only way to catch these changes before they can turn deadly. Check the water temperature to know how much protein to feed your fish. Keep in mind that what goes in and out of your fish will greatly affect your bio-filter and its effectiveness. That said, it’s also important to clean the filter on a regular basis to keep it running smoothly. If applicable, clean the skimmer in the same fashion.

Keep any loose debris out of the pond. Debris can settle at the bottom of the pond. Sticks and leaves should be scooped out as needed. If you have a bottom drain, cleaning the settled debris will be easy. Without a drain, a vacuum will be needed to get the job done. Along with cleaning up the bottom of your pond, the debris that will be collected can also be used as fertilizer in your garden.

If done on a regular basis, these steps will help keep your pond in tip-top shape and will save you a headache later on.

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