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water lilies
by Shandchem under CC BY-ND  with www.PondSupply.com
water lilies


Water lilies are very popular water plants that are commonly found in backyard ponds. They have several functions in a pond, which is the reason why it is the most sought after water plant among ponders. They do not just look appealing and attractive, but they are also fragrant, keeping the pond smelling great.

There are actually many benefits to enjoy when placing water lilies in a pond. Check out some of these wonderful benefits that would motivate you to add water lilies in your own pond:

• Water lilies are undeniably appealing in appearance. They certainly look good when they are placed in the pond, since they are floating just above the water. When you have visitors at home, they would definitely adore your fish pond with beautiful and colorful water lilies.

• Another benefit of water lilies is that they are responsible in providing your fish with cover, protecting them from the heat of the sun and other harsh elements. The reason for this is that the lily pads that hold the flower floats and spans out wide that provides shade to the fish.

• Water lilies also serve as competition with other plants for nutrients and space. They are responsible in fostering the nitrogen cycle and allowing the pond to achieve a natural balance.

• Water lilies also keep the water pond clean because they help keep the algae down the pond.  They cut down on the sunlight in the pond and by doing so help prevent algae from over growing.

• Water lilies are very easy to plant and they require little maintenance. A fertilizer tablet or two to start the year when they are first getting established and then they do great on their own.

These are the incredible advantages of water lilies in your pond. These plants are stunningly beautiful, yet they offer more benefits to the pond, fish and the ecosystem. If you have a pond at home, or planning to put in a pond for your fish, do not miss out on the opportunity to put in a variety of water lilies.

When you decide to place water lilies in your pond, just be aware of the proper way of putting them in your pond, to ensure that they will certainly thrive in the pond. Here are some useful tips that you can utilize when planting the water lilies in your pond:

• When planting water lilies, do not directly plant them into the bottom of the pond. Place them into a wide and shallow dish. The advantage of this technique is to allow the plants to have the nutrients they require without affecting the quality of the water. In addition, you can also easily lift each water lily, without losing your favorite plant.

• When placing water lilies in your pond, it is necessary to allow at a few feet of water surface for each of the plant. Be mindful not to crowd them because they will not grow properly. Water lilies increase fast, so divide them every 2 years.

• Ensure that your pond is large enough so that it can easily accommodate your fish and plants. Koi and Water lilies grow and multiply fast, so you have to make sure that the pond has the filter system and the size to handle your growing plants and fish. Of course your neighbors with ponds will be happy to take some off your hands if needed.

water lily
by Indenture under CC BY-ND  with www.PondSupply.com
water lily


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  1. grace says:

    I’ve had water lilies in a bucket in my garden and they just flourish .never do anything to them!

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