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Water gardens are becoming a very important part of our life because of the “close to nature” feeling it gives us. In today’s world, the stress factor is so high that it becomes really difficult for anybody to spend some quality time with one’s own self and it is, merely, impossible for any person to go on a vacation every weekend or fortnight so cultivating water gardens nearby to the house is the best way to be close to nature. People can create these gardens nearby to their houses and doing so is not a difficult task.

Process of building water gardens
The person should follow a standard process while making garden with water otherwise there is a possibility that your garden may not be as beautiful or useful it should be. The process of building water gardens are as follows: –

1. Firstly, the person needs to decide what kind of water garden they would like to have at their place. These gardens are, generally, of two types – one which has fish and plants and the one with has only fish.

2. Then the person needs to decide on the length and location of the water garden. These gardens should be situated at such a place where the excess of rain water from the streets and other water bodies can’t flow into the water garden if these excess water drains into the water garden then the plants and fishes in the pond may not survive. It should also be situated at a place where leaves don’t fall in the water garden and it should also be exposed to sun for minimum of 4-6 hours.

3.Then the gardens with water can dig accordingly. The ready garden will be minimum 30% smaller than what the person imagines it to be.

4. Pond liners should be used to keep the borders of the water gardens intact. While laying the pond liners, the number of twists and turns should be reduced to the extent possible.

5. Installation of filters in the garden with water is a must so that the water in the pond is cleaned automatically as cleaning these gardens manually can be a very difficult task.

Tips for cultivating water gardens
Water gardens are built by people with lots of love and interest hence, an individual needs to take care of certain things quite in advance. Things that need to be considered are as follows: –

1. The person should look for a suitable place wherein the plants and fishes in the garden can survive with.

2.If the gardens with water are being built in a colder area then the depth of the pond should be more.

3.While making the water gardens, the person should keep in mind the maintenance. The garden should require very less maintenance otherwise the person will tend to get tired soon.
Gardens with water can be made really attractive with the presence of flowers and fishes. Apart from the simple things, the person can also install wonderful fountains to make the water gardens even more attractive.

Water gardens are a great way to create a relaxing and tranquil environment in your backyard where you can rejuvenate yourself after a long and tiresome day.

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