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Lighting for your backyard oasis will add a relaxing feel and will make your garden enjoyable at all times of the day as well as night. Along with different styles and varieties, there are also different types of light sources made for outdoor use.

Standard Tungsten bulbs are usually the most least expensive and have a warm yellow glow. Unfortunately, they can get quite hot which limits the size of the bulb. These will generally be used in low-voltage lighting situations.

Halogen bulbs are becoming increasingly popular for their long time use. They are reasonably sized but cast a bright white light. Halogen bulbs are more expensive but give out much more light than equally rated tungsten bulbs. They are used for low-voltage setups.

Mercury bulbs give off a bright bluish white light that fortunately shows off colors and details well but tends to be rated as a little harsh.

Sodium bulbs give off a nice amber light and are fairly efficient to run. They are ideal for lighting vast areas and floodlighting for buildings and warehouses.

Metal halide bulbs give off an intense white light that can be compared to daylight. They are also useful for floodlighting large areas but are more expensive to buy than mercury or sodium bulbs. Mercury, sodium and metal halide bulbs all have a common disadvantage in that they each take awhile to heat up before reaching full capacity and they all require heavy duty starting equipment.

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