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Water Gardens are also known as aquatic garden that add beauty to our garden and increase the beauty of our house. It is incomplete without pond or stream. It is not easy to install the Water Garden at our house as it requires lot of arrangement. If you remember seeing a pond in forest there is lot of greenery and beautiful surrounding. If we want to make our garden more beautiful, natural and eco-friendly, we should get some water element to our garden. It is quite expensive and it also increases extra wildlife and life to your garden. We have to take care of each and everything while placing the water garden, sunlight, aquatic animals and green plants are the major concern for this. We have to take care during the time of winter for Water Garden because it requires lot of sunlight. Depth of the pond should be maintained so that we can step on that and side step can be done. If we have to make deeper pond we should take care about water should be clean at the deeper side and proper sunlight should be available, constant temperature should be there.

Additions that can beautify a garden

In Water Garden we can make two or three ponds at a single time, more the number of ponds better it is for us to clean them.  For these, complete kits are available in the market that includes pond liner, filters, pumps, skimmers and all other required materials. The size of the Water Garden should be kept in mind as smaller size will help in proper maintenance. The best size is landscape because it is always in proper condition and we can add several features to landscape Garden as well. The most important factor on basis of which a garden is maintained is material. It is believed that stronger the base material longer will be the life of Water Garden. Proper plant selection is also required and the best option is floating leafs because it provides shade to the fishes. We also need to take care of proper regulation of oxygen in the pond. The Water of the Garden should always be clean because it is the only primary goal. Proper filter system should be installed so that water can be cleaned at regular interval of time. Clean water system provides us longer life of aquatic animals in Water Garden. Water Garden has a great history; it was started from Persian family.

Water Gardens: Were to buy materials?

There are several markets were we can material for Water Garden, we should be careful while purchasing because several fake products are available in the market and they can cause harm to our Water Garden and aquatic animals. Always buy from the authentic shop or website; we should be very careful while making the payment because the fake sites make the misuse of our credit card number, always make payment carefully and from authentic sites. We need to check the materials at regular basis because it need placement at a regular interval of time.

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