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Ratios in the Water Garden

Your water garden is a combination of plants, fish, water and external environmental factors. The number of fish and plants that you have in the water garden is going to be a determining factor of the success in your water garden. Ratios of fish and plants in your water garden are basic starting levels when […]

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Natural water settings are what most water gardeners are trying to achieve. A water garden that will imitate what you have seen while out walking in the woods, when visiting another place or what you have seen in magazines or in books. Using your imagination and a little creativity you can make your water garden […]

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Detailing the Water Garden

Building a water garden does not mean that you are limited in the shape of your water garden. You can create multiple water gardens in your landscape, that compliment each other, that are very close to each other or water gardens that are actually very far and distant in relation to where they are in […]

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