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So you are thinking about converting a swimming pool to a pond, great idea. Some of those have turned out really well. There’s a couple things you need to be in the lookout for though. The problems that people run into with that are with their filter systems. The paper cartridge on some ponds that […]

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Backyard Pond Kits

One of the questions we get asked a lot is, is there is an advantage to buying all your pond components in a kit versus you know, purchasing them separately, and the answer is yes, there is an advantage. Number one, you save money. Kits are usually you know, priced 10% to 20% cheaper than […]

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Pondless Waterfalls

So you are looking at pondless waterfalls and what’s the main advantage to a pondless waterfall, or what is the difference between a pondless waterfall and a pond. Well, the real difference is there is no exposed water. You know, there is no standing water waterfall with the pondless waterfall and you just have the […]

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