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Water Gardens are great sources of interest, entertainment and relaxation in your yard.  Water gardens can consist of vast ponds with extravagantly detailed trim and décor.  But they don’t have to be large or complex to be enjoyable.

Dig a hole

Building your first pond can be almost as easy as digging a hole.  If you can “operate” a shovel, then you can build a pond.  Just decide how large your pond should be, and where you want it, and dig a hole there in the shape you prefer.  You can keep it simple with just a circular or rectangular shape, or be more adventurous with kidney-bean or other more exotic shapes.  But since this idea is just hand-dug, keep it to a moderate or small size.

Once you have the shape dug out, make sure it’s smooth and flat, take out any rocks, roots, or other debris that may puncture the liner.

You also want to make sure that the top edge of your new hole is the same elevation all the way around.  Use a long board with a level to verify it.

Silver Lining

Okay, it’s not silver, but it’s a lining that will be part of something nicer than mere silver.  Liners are typically black sheets of PVC, basically like a really big trash bag.  Get one of sufficient size to line your whole pond hole.  They’re not too expensive in small sizes.

An alternative is to use a solid plastic pond liner, which is similar to a kiddie size swimming pool.  The limitation here is the need to dig the whole to match the shape of it.  An advantage is it is likely to be more durable against puncture hazards, but it also has a disadvantage of possible cracking.

Rock it

Next you need some rocks to go around the edge of the pond.  Any rocks will do, it’s entirely up to your personal preference.  Flat rocks, round rocks, pebbles, whatever you want.  You don’t even have to go around the entire edge.

That’s it.  You now have a pond.  Of course, you will want to keep growing your pond by adding things to it and around it.  Plants are an obvious first choice.  You can get some pond lilies to add some personality to the middle of your pond, and all manner of plants around the edges, whatever kinds you like.

Then you can consider adding fish, or even a water fall or fountain.  Both fish and waterfalls add a great ambiance and relaxation factor to your new pond.

By taking on the pond idea one step at a time, you can see that it’s really quite easy to get started with a water garden.  Then you can further increase the size and complexity of your water garden with more ponds, even interconnected ponds.  As long as you take it a little bit at a time, it will be a very rewarding experience that will last many years to come.

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