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Hey, today we are going to talk about rocks, rocks on the bottom of your pond. You know, you build your pond, it looks great, with crystal clear water and you just filled it with the hose, and you are looking down and you are like, “Man, look at all that liner of the bottom of my pond and look at the liner of the pond.” And it didn’t like that, it looked natural at all, and you are thinking, “What can I do to cover that up?” Don’t do anything. You know, just give it a little bit of time and you will get a nice little bit of coating of algae around the sides of it. It will look good and look natural, it is good for your pond, and your fish would like to eat it. The worst thing you could do is go in and dump a bunch of rocks in the bottom of your pond and that’s just a recipe for bad news.

First of all, it is very hard to clean a pond but there is a lot of rocks on the bottom. I don’t know if how many, just days, and days, and days I have spent mucking out the bottom of ponds, they have rocks in them. Even if your rock is small, the bacteria builds up in them and you just have to shovel it in the buckets, take it out and power wash them. It is bad news so you know, please don’t put rocks on the bottom of your pond. And once that bacteria starts growing in there it can kill. The bacteria is not good for it. It stinks and you would start to get a rotten egg smell around your pond and that’s not good.

You know, it kind of becomes black, mucky, and murky. And then you are not going to have great water quality, so don’t do that. Now, if you want to use gravel in your pots for your plants, that’s great. Just keep it in containers. You know, in that way you could move those containers around and clean the pond and occasionally you could pull those containers out when it’s time to work on your plants and really give the rocks a good hosing out or power washing to clean out the mud that would build in there and cause problems. So that’s kind of the quick overview on why you should not put rocks on the bottom of your pond. And if you are wondering you know, what’s the deal with the hippos somewhere around on the pond, it is because I thought well you know, I can show bunch of bacteria, you know how fun would that be , so you know hippos swimming on the pond. You know, if you have rocks on the bottom of your pond, you’ll never know what is going to grow there. I doubt you get hippos but …

By Bruce Goode

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