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When it comes to putting guppies in your pond, you will want to keep in mind that they are very small fish. You will be able to have multiple fish in the water garden without having them all cramped in the water. You will find that these fish are usually about an inch or two in size. They are nice to have because you will be able to enjoy having fish in the pond, but also you can have a lot of life. You will want to consider that the males are usually smaller then the females. You can also use commercially grown guppies in your pond. They tend to be a little bit larger then the normal guppy.

When it comes to guppies, you will notice that they like being in the slow moving water or even still water. They are nice to have if you do not have a water pump hooked up into your pond, because they don’t need much to life.

You will find that this fish really has a hard time fighting the heavier currents, but you will also notice that they are best in pumps that have heavy plant life too. You will want to place guppies in your pond if you have a nice water garden that consists of both submerged plants and floating plants. They will enhance your pond greatly.

When it comes to feeding your guppies you will want to keep in mind that they will eat off the pond. They will nibble on the plant life, and they will also eat algae. They will live off the water. You will want also giving them a little bit of commercial food. You will be able to keep your pond looking beautifully and you should also keep in mind that your fish will be healthy if you learn how to feed them properly.

Guppies like to live in water that is a little bit warmer. You will find that they can survive in water temperatures of about fifty five degrees, but you will want to keep it under eight five. You will find that in the colder regions you will be able to keep guppies in your water gardens all summer long, but then you should bring them in for the winter months. You don’t want to leave them out in the freezing cold, because they will not survive.

For those who are interested in breeding guppies, you will want to keep in mind that you will be able to keep your guppies happy by learning more about them. You will find that guppies will begin to multiply and within a little bit of time you should have at least fifty added guppies. You will find that the guppy will reproduce about every five or so weeks. You will also want to keep in mind that the larger the female guppies get, the more offspring you will have for the pond.

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