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Pondless Waterfalls

So you are looking at pondless waterfalls and what’s the main advantage to a pondless waterfall, or what is the difference between a pondless waterfall and a pond. Well, the real difference is there is no exposed water. You know, there is no standing water waterfall with the pondless waterfall and you just have the waterfall itself. Now, you are thinking. If you love plants and fish you know, what is the point? Well, if you want to put your pond in there, if you want your water feature on the front of your house, or a commercial property, or anywhere where there’s a liability issues, or if you have small children and you are worried about their safety but you still want the sound of the waterfall, then the pondless waterfall is perfect for you. You know, they are great and they are easy to maintain. You know, there is no plants that you have to take care of. You know, there’s really no, you don’t have to clean the pond out and you don’t have to you know, treat your fish or to feed the fish.


You will just, you will turn the waterfall on and if you set up an auto fill system there really is no maintenance. It is going to fill itself as it evaporates, so all you do it put a timer on it to run it when you want, and you got the sound of water, and the beauty of the waterfall without the liability or the maintenance issues. Now, you still have to have all that water. You know, there is still a pond but now it is underground basically. It is called a vault and what we have done is you know, you still have pond liner and it is still dug down on the ground. But instead of you know, basically being able to fall into it you either fill it with rocks or you would use some of the reservoir cubes.


Basically, those are milk crates that are turned upside down and stock but they are heavy duty you know, made for the ponds so they can handle the weight of stocking rock on top of them and that will let you have a much smaller reservoir when you use the reservoir cubes. You don’t have to dig twice the size of  hole to hold the same amount of water as you do it if you are filling it with rocks. You need that because when you turn the waterfall on and all that water is running up back to the falls and you know, rushing down the falls that’s got the drop from the reservoir and then when you turned it off, there’s going to be a place for all that water to go back down to so that the next time you turn it on you don’t have to refill the pond before you use it. So those are the main advantages to pondless waterfalls. I have seen some very, very nice designs that are done and if you don’t want to deal with the maintenance and you don’t want to have to worry about the liability, a pondless waterfall could be perfect for you so that you still have the sound of the waterfall without any of the downfalls.

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