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Pond skimmers kind of fall into that preventive maintenance area. The skimmers in integral part of any pond kit, and it is a great add on to an existing. If your pond doesn’t have one you might already consider adding a skimmer. The skimmer’s main function is to prevent leaves and debris from settling down to the bottom of your pond and causing you problems. By having your pump setting inside your skimmer, it draws all the surface leaves and stuff floating right into a big net basket before it can sink to the bottom of your pond and before it can get into your pump, and then your pump pushed the water on up to your waterfall or to any extended filters that you have on the way to the waterfall. Now, a lot of companies have started really adding to these skimmers, so you might find filter brushes or even filter media. First, water will go through the skimmer basket and then through the brushes and then maybe even some more media before it gets to your pump and that is a really nice combination.

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