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Hey, today we were talking about how to bring your pump back in from storage. Now you might wonder why would someone store their pump. Well, if you have a real shallow pond and you are in a very cool climate it is probably a good idea to remove your pump from your pond during the winter and replace it with an aeration system, and that will keep the ice from completely forming over your pond and keep your fish alive. And you don’t want to be out there trying to break the ice because of course, that will kill your fish and running your pump when it is really cold even, if it doesn’t freeze the pump can have some pretty drastic things happen to your pond.

Number one, you could freeze up your water filters or your pond filters, and then overflow or burst your filter. I have done that or you could keep it running and you could get so much ice forming on your waterfall that it basically becomes a dam and then all of your water falls over the back in the waterfall and you empty during the winter. I have done that also. The other thing that could happen is just by circulating that cold water. You know, if your pump sets pretty high and you have a little deeper area, and you are just circulating that top area water you are basically refrigerating the pond making it colder than it has to be, and you are not being very nice to your fish. So there are some good reasons for removing your pond pump from your pond during the winter.

Now, when it is time to put that sucker back in the pond, there is a couple of things we need to check. Now, first of all we want to make sure that we have stored it somewhere warm and dry. If you just took your pump out and you set it out on the garden shed, and it had water inside of the pump which it probably does, it is now frozen and worthless so don’t do that. Make sure that you bring the pump in somewhere warm. Now when we are taking it out of our warm and dry space, we want to make sure that everything is okay. Now, if you didn’t really check the pump when you took it out of the pond it could have a bunch of algae or something in it that is now hardened and clogged, and so you will pull that out, and you know, some things that we are not too keen on like warm and dry spots. So make sure you don’t have any rat’s nest or anything that’s kind of got up into the intake of your pump. Make sure it is clean and good to go, and speaking of rats and other things with sharp teeth, check your extension cord and.

The last you want to do is have the cord of your pump that have been frayed or chewed on during you know, the cold of winter and you plug it back in and you know, bad things happen when you do that. So you want to be sure that you know, your pump is in clean and good order, and that your chord is in good order. Stick that sucker back in and get it going and you know, let your fish have a great spring.

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