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Pond Liners

What do you need to know when you are looking for pond liners? Well, there are a few things to keep in mind before you go out and buy. If you are going to have fish in your pond, you will want to make sure that any liner you purchase is fish friendly; don’t worry, most liners will state that fact. You will also need to check the thickness of the liner, with the recommended being approximately 45 ml thick.

Size of your Pond

If you decide to have a very large pond, you will most likely purchase a roll of liner and this will get very expensive. This is primarily due to the high cost of shipping from the factory to your home. If you are creating a smaller pond however, you will most likely be able to use a boxed liner which can cover an area of 20×20 and can be shipped via UPS which cuts down on the cost. A box liner may be perfect for a larger size pond too, as they may be shipped in 100 ft. lengths.


When you are looking for a liner, you must also be aware of underlayment. This means you need to be aware of the weed block you use in your garden. A weed block is put down before you put the liner; this is to protect it from any roots or sharp objects you might have missed when clearing the area. It is possible you can use an old carpet or newspapers as an underlayment, which really cuts down on the cost of installing your pond.

Bottom Drains

Other things you should be aware of are, bottom drains, repair, spray foams and seaming. These tools are used for edging and connecting larger liners or to connect liners together. This isn’t a difficult process and even the act of cutting the liner for a bottom drain isn’t difficult. You can use an external pump for this purpose which can suck any debris from the bottom of your pond into your filtration system easily.

Spray foam is used for when your liner goes up around your waterfall feature and it helps to prevent leaks from spilling out onto your surrounding landscape. The foam will help keep your rocks in place in case of algae build up and leaking and will keep your liner in place securely and beautifully.

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