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Pond Aeration

When most folks think of aeration for their ponds, the first thing they think of are large stock ponds or the big ponds out in front of a shopping mall or a subdivision, and you are thinking, “That’s what aeration’s for,”  for those huge bodies of water and the aeration or the floating fountains or even the window aeration that’s really the only filtration that there is through that pond. Now, that’s probably not how you think of filtration because it is not actually straining but by mixing the oxygen in the water it helps all the plant matter decompose, which keeps that pond clean. Now for your backyard pond, there’s a couple different ways to look at aeration. Most folks were thinking they run into the situation where you went out in the middle of July or August and it is 100 something degrees and all your fish are just gasping at the top of your the pond and you are going, “Oh, my gosh what the heck,”


You know, there’s two things you can do for that or actually there is more than that but let’s talk about the two or three things that are the quick and easy solutions for that. One would be to add an extra pump and just throw another pump in just right below the surface or maybe just a few inches below the surface and let it just pump that water up into the air. It will be aerating and get a little circulation go and get some more oxygen in there and save your fish. You could you know, more oxygenating plants normally works but sometimes you get too many plants and the cycles at night where they are not producing oxygen can kind of hurt you know, your fish. So you got to be careful with just depending on plants alone or you could add some kind of aeration to your pond you know, even as something as simple in an emergency situation as a little pond aeration, a little pond, you know just get a little aquarium air pump and drop the, you know, there is normally like a little round or a cylinder shaped air stone for it and drop that in with the tubing, and turn it on, and you can save your fish.


Now, let’s say you don’t just want to do this for emergency mode, well, if you want a really nice pond you can have a nice aeration pump in the system to it that will keep your pond very nice all year around. In fact, during the winter what you can do is turn off your pumps, your waterfall, and your skimmers, and just use your air pump to keep your pond from freezing and to keep your fish healthy all through out the winter. It’s a good thing to do if you got a deeper pond. You know, a lot of the pond kits now you know, they advertise it for 2 or 3 foot deep ponds and a lot us wanted deeper pond. Well, the issue that you will run into with that deeper pond is that your waterfall filter and your skimmer are only able to really take you know, the top of the pond and work with the top of the pond, and you get stagnant areas down at the bottom of your pond if you have a very deep pond. So an easy solution to that is to add an aeration system right you know, where it is dropped down right at the bottom and just pumping all that air which you know includes a god portion of oxygen, and we don’t have to go out and have scrubbers or an oxygen will take up to it and just pumps some air in your pond. And now, that the oxygen that it needs to keep it clean, keep it circulating, and you will actually, when you are pumping that air down at the bottom of the pond and it is coming up you will get some current started that really circulated your pond. So there’s a lot of good reasons to add aeration to your pond the year round and not just for emergencies.

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