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water garden pests
by Mick E. Talbot under CC BY  with www.PondSupply.com
water garden pests


Your water garden is an area of rest, relaxation and of pleasure for you, your family and your guests. Pests in and around the water garden can make the experience bad if you don’t take special care when controlling the pests about the water garden. These water garden pests can also damage your plants or fish as well as bothering you so keeping them under control will be an ongoing task.

While we might consider this one little pest a knat, a bug that just flies about and gets in our way, the aphid is a pest that attacks your water plants. One of the easily ways to control the multiplying of aphids is to hose down your water plants with a regular garden hose. You can use nicotine soap or derris soap when you have problems with aphids but your fish cannot handle these soaps in their water.

Caddis flies are another little pest that you will have around your water garden and they are found all over the world. This is a little bug that is born in the depths of your water garden, and then they grow to feed off of the roots and plants in your water garden. One of the best ways to control these little buggers is to vacuum out your water garden, cleaning your water garden as you would your swimming pools, getting leaves and dirt that would accumulate in the bottom of the water garden.

Moths are also a problem for the water garden. Not prevalent around the world yet, there is a moth that is a problem for water lilies. This is a moth that is most often found in Europe but has been spreading. This moth eats the leaves of the water lilies and lays eggs on the underside of the lily leaves. Getting rid of debris floating in the water garden, wiping down lilies, and hosing off the lilies in your water garden is going to help control the pests that like to eat your water garden plants.

Other little critters can be controlled with insecticide if you don’t have fish in the water garden. If you have fish in the water garden, removing the plants and treating them, washing them, and then placing them back in the water garden will control major infestations

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