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Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers work in conjunction with pond filtration systems to give your pond a crystal clear, beautiful look. In most cases, you will never see the pond skimmer since it can be molded to fit the landscape perfectly so only you will know where it resides. Pond skimmers are a simple variation of mechanical filters that remove floating debris such as excess fish food and leaves which can ruin your water feature.

What a Skimmer Does

Pond skimmers have a pump installed directly inside them that powers your waterfall feature – should you have one. The skimmer basket and filter media work together to keep your pond clean; especially if you happen to have trees and bushes nearby.

Different Types of Skimmers

Clear Water Pond

You have a choice in skimmers for your water feature; for example, the Eco Series Skimmers; which installs inside the liner – which completely eliminates the possibility of leaks. This skimmer includes a debris basket, filter and can handle anywhere from 1800 to 8100 GPH.

For a professional grade skimmer, we have Pro Series Skimmers. These are professional grade designs with carry a two chambered function, a beautiful molded rock lid that will suit your landscape and can handle anywhere from 3000 – 18000 GPH.

Axiom Series Skimmers allow pond owners to adjust their pond level with an adjustable overflow. The skimmer can be set up for one or two pump filtration and is aluminum framed; plus carries a debris net and filter brushes.

You may also choose to go with Easy Pro Pond Skimmer for External Pumps. This large skimmer is specially made for external pumps and can handle up to 4500 GPH; plus, you are able to combine multiple skimmers with this model.

Skimmers for All your Needs

You may find skimmers perfectly suited to your needs; for example, you can find a skimmer that acts as a pre-filter in order to remove solids before they have the chance to sink to the bottom of your pond. There are skimmers that are designed for easy servicing with no cumbersome bags to empty. You will also find skimmers designed for extra-strength, with anti-floatation and anchoring; these filters will help to stop water flow in order to complete maintenance and service on the skimmer.

Skimmers are a necessary part of keeping your pond clean and free of debris and to prevent your filter from clogging. In order to have a beautiful, long lasting pond, always combine your filter system with a good skimmer.

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