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  • modern garden pond designs,
  • 5 easy plants to grow in ponds,
  • 8 inspiring pondless waterfall features,
  • setting up an outdoor pond – goldfish or koi?,
  • 31 backyard water garden ideas,
  • how to build garden pond bridges,
  • keeping your pond predator free,
  • UK bans sale of 5 “alien” pond plants,
  • shubunkin headline goldfish association events,
  • different types of pond filters,
  • oxygenating plants or invasive species,
  • 5 fish live 3 years in boat that washed ashore

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Tropicanna is perfect in ponds | Your Easy Garden

http://youreasygarden.comFri, 05 Apr 2013 16:42:50 GMT

4 easy steps to planting Tropicanna cannas in ponds and water features. Fertilize your plants monthly with a fertilizer that has been designed specifically for aquatic plants. They come in liquid, granular or tablet form.


Propagating pond plants 101

http://www.koiphen.comThu, 21 Feb 2013 18:47:26 GMT

Pond plants are generally easy to reproduce, but those acquiring them should realize how the plant reproduces. Most of the methods are as old as the earth and natural. One is new, but uses principles of the natural. They can


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