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A picture of a pond in a residential garden.

A picture of a pond in a residential garden. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Man, I hope your Monday is going better than mine, just one of those days.

This Weeks Newspaper is out.  news.pondsupply.com

In this issue we have stories about the beauty of water plants, nano kitchen gardens, do it yourself wind powered water pumps, building your own green wall aquaponics setup, 4 amazing veritical garden designs and a legal story about otter fish kills.

Also 8 new videos featuring water gardening, well actually 7 since somehow a freaking Kenny G video sneaked in by pretending to be water related.

We also have info on loggerhead turtles, fish keeping clubs in the UK, chicago outdoor water gardens, diy pond landscaping and an oyster gardening program.

PLUS lots more..


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