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A garden is the essence of the nature and its beauty. If you have your own small garden outside your house then most certainly you must be already aware of the pleasure and the sense of tranquility one can achieve by spending some time in the garden. And just think about it, how beautiful and appealing your garden will look when you will add some garden ponds to it? You can make your own garden pond in your garden all by yourself and that also without much effort and investment. In this article you will know how to make garden ponds.

Lets’ begin
First of all, you need to decide that how large you want your garden ponds to be.
After you have zeroed in on a particular size, you’ll then need to focus on the design of the garden ponds. You will be surprised to know that there are so many ways to design your pond and opinions vary a lot. You can take the help of the pictures of garden ponds on the internet or books to get an idea.
Now, assuming that you have finally found the perfect design for your garden ponds, the next step you’ll need to take is planning the process.

Find the perfect place where you would like to build your ponds. Now, before you actually grab the shovel and get into digging, here are a few points you must consider before going further-

1)The ponds should not be near the deciduous trees as these kinds of trees have their leaves shed every year and thus it could create a problem for you regarding the cleaning the ponds every once in a  while. The leaves will fell every now and then when the wind will blow too. So, in case you don’t mind cleaning the pond often, it should be taken care of.

2)Make sure that the ponds receive shade for at least half part of the day. This is essential because the limited access to sunlight will help in preventing the algae growth in that area of garden ponds.

3) Also, as you are building your garden ponds for their beauty only, so make sure that you get a good view from your house’s window.

Let’s do it

Now you shall begin with digging the area first.
After that you need to lay the liner. There are a number of options available for you to get that job done- using an old sink, using plastic swimming pool, tub etc or a professional pond kit.

Moving forward, it’s time to put the water in it. Now, unless you are using the water from some well, you need to let the water rest in the pond for a day or two before putting any plants in it. It is required to make the water get warm.
After that, you can decorate you pond by placing small pebbles and stones near the pond. Cover the visible edges of the liner in the end and here you go, you own garden pond is done! A garden pond can enhance the beauty of your home landscape and give you place to relax and rewind.

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