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Let’s talk about the different type of pond fountains. You got your floating fountains and these are the ones you are going to see out on commercial ponds, out in the shopping malls, or large neighborhoods. Wherever they have a large subdivision pond you will see these big huge fountains out in the middle of the pond shooting water up and that is typically a floating fountain. Those are tethered there with cables and they have a little propeller, and it just pumps water up. It is great for aerating those ponds and circulating the water. It is much more economical than using pumps to do it, and it may be a little bit too large for your typical backyard pond.  Unless you’ve got a really big pond.  If so man, that is going to make a huge positive difference for you, but for a typical backyard pond the type of fountains we were talking about are either spitters or nozzle-type fountain heads.

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